“I had my broken frames fixed at Eye Glass Repair and saved a lot of money from buying new glasses. Walmart said they could not fix them even though I bought them there, nor did they even carry the same frame for replacement. There only solution was for me to get another eye exam and buy all new glasses again. So after I told them I was not going to do that, they gave me a business card for Eye Glass Repair in Fairview Hgts, IL. My frames were repaired just like new and she adjusted the tension just right. It only took 45 minutes and a lot less than new frames.”

“I’ve been working in Optical for 6 years now. Anytime there is something I cannot fix I always recommend my customers to Jackie at Frame Saver because I know they will get taken care of. It’s a great place to go if you need a quick fix instead of paying for a whole new frame which I probably shouldn’t be saying since my job is to sell frames! But seriously she is great and have great customer service skills.”

– DeAndre Sunland Optical

“My son’s glasses were broken by my toddler, so I took them to our local Clarkson Eyecare to get them repaired. They were not able to repair them, and told me I had to pay $239 to replace them. They suggested I contact ‘Frame Saver’ first, to see if they could be repaired. They told me ‘Frame Saver’ is awesome at fixing broken frames. I dropped them off at ‘Frame Saver’ this morning, and they were fixed within 1 hour. I couldn’t believe it! Such great customer service, and great repair work. ‘Frame Saver” saved me lots of $!”

~ Jen W.

I came by yesterday and you did a free adjustment on my glasses. Like I mentioned, I’m the new Executive Director at Sycamore Village Assisted Living, and will definitely send business your way. You were very nice, and I appreciated your help.

Matt McGaughey

“My oldest son has a BAD habit of catching balls with his face with his eyeglasses on. Frame Saver Eyeglass Repair provided a wonderful service at a fraction of the cost to purchase eyeglasses. I’ll send ANY of our friends and family there to get repairs done!”

DSA 4/10/12

“I would definitely recommend them. They did a great job for me and quickly had my glasses back in good shape.”

George Bassler 11/24/12

“Frame Saver eyeglass repair get’s 5 stars!!!!”

Fred St.Louis Mo.

“Frame Saver should be called Life Saver thank you for repairing my broken eyeglasses.”

Pat 7/4/2012

“Jackie, Thank you so much for locating a sturdy frame for my lenses. I wear my contact lenses daily; but as allergy season gets nearer,my eyes appreciate an evening rest! Thanks again and best of luck.”

S. Hester 9/14/2004

“My name is Linda Moore and I’m the assistant manager at America’s Best Contacts & Eyeglasses. I have known Jackie for 10 plus years and she is a friendly and kind person. Jackie is a life saver she has always helped our company at a needed time. I really appreciate Jackie’s services and wish her best in her future endeavors.”

Linda Moore 1/23/2013