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10224 Lincoln Trail

Fairview Heights, IL, 62208

Pricing and Services

For more than 20 years, Frame Saver Eyeglass Repair has been providing professional eyeglass repair service throughout Fairview Heights, IL. We have a wide range of optical accessories, goods, and supplies. If you have broken eyeglasses bring them to Frame Saver Eyeglass Repair and we will repair while you wait. As we do not offer refunds, Frame Saver does offer a warranty with every repair.

We offer many services at competitive prices including:  

  • Titanium (welds), stainless-steele frame welds, flexon frame welds  
  • Metal solders: hinges and spring-loaded hinges, bridges, pad arms, barrels/flashings
  • Plastic repairs: hidden hinges, metal pad arms installation, heat shrink bridges, plastic bonds (bridges & eyewires)
  • Rimless frame bushings replacement, rimless frame welds and solders  
  • Semi-rimless frame repairs: nylon cord fittings (upper and lower)
  • Temple conversions to cable end temples, temple covers, rivit repairs
  • Replacement parts are available: bridges, temples, strap bridges, etc.
  • Refinishings: replating, repainting, and stone setting on frames     
  • Repair of pad arms placed on plastic frame                                                                                                                     

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